Real Time Presentation

RTP is currently in Beta phase. It is closed for testing but new users can request access here:

About RTP

The purpose of the software tool is to allow a user to pull up the most relevant piece of document data based on surrounding conversation data happening at a given moment. This gives users an opportunity to store web pages as document data, and retrieve those web pages based on some text interpreted as a conversation. The relevance of the document retrieval methods are being researched, validated, and tested by Agustin Ortiz.


Contact Us

The Ohio State University

CETI - Computer Science and Engineering

Phone: (907) 854-3164

Add Rich Data

Add rich data including pictures to your instances or add custom urls. Adding data is similar to adding slides to a powerpoint presentation.

Live Conversation

The application picks up surrounding conversation through the listening device and will present data based on the live conversation. *Chrome browser required

Thesis Paper

The paper written my Agustin Ortiz III for his CSE MS includes how this app was built and everything involved surrounding the idea.

RTP Process

Steps to using the application.

  • Step 1

    Create Presentation

    You can create a presentation just like power point with either web pages or custom designs. Go to the add tab and select new presentation

  • Step 2

    Add data

    There are three ways to add data: Web pages, Spider add a group of a web pages, and a customized rich text field which works similar to power point.

  • Step 3

    Start the Presentation

    The receive tab will start your presentation automatically. If you are a chrome user, the microphone will pick up any surrounding conversation. Otherwise, you can simply type in your queries into the text area.

  • Step 4

    Algorithm & Data Retrieval

    The application will take the submitted data and run it through a complicated algorithm to retrieve the most relevant piece of presentation data. The help of MongoDB's text score will be shown in the table below the text area.

  • Data


Agustin Ortiz III Lead Researcher

OSU MS Student, GRA

Rajiv Ramnath Advisor

OSU CSE Faculty

Jithendra Kumar Consultant

OSU CSE MS Graduate